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Every day is a good day to apply to grow platform, from anywhere in the world, as grow platform believes in your ability to deliver on your dreams. We help you to develop disruptive business models, design strategies, and set your targets. You will experience why grow platform is not only a strong business partner but also a home for top talents fulfilling their ambitions and turning visionary ideas into success.

Thinking about taking your career to the next level?

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What’s in it for you?

Grow together. Grow to meet new challenges, roles, and perspectives. Work #LikeABosch. Leave a lasting mark on the world with innovative, beneficial and smart solutions. Learn more about what’s in it for you when you join one of our existing start-ups or the home of Bosch intrapreneurs itself.

Pioneering intrapreneurs deserve great stories

We are bridging the gap between business potential and business success to secure the strong development and future of Bosch. Experience a work environment in which we live leadership in a new way, encourage your ambition, and listen to your needs.

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