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From Ambition to Innovation

Benjamin Ohse

Benjamin Ohse together with Philipp Spies is leading the grow platform funded start-up copperdot. The portfolio team offers innovative solutions for the cost-optimized procurement of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration within Bosch's innovative environment, where diverse professional backgrounds merge to create impactful ventures. Benjamin's role aligns seamlessly with his personal approach.

His outlook allows him to excel in navigating the dynamic landscape of a corporate start-up. His ambition and willingness to lead through change further solidify his commitment to cultivating an environment where change is not merely endured but leveraged as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

From Corporate to Start-up

Benjamin’s journey from being a Proof-of-Concept enthusiast to a pivotal figure within an innovative platform illustrates his dynamic nature. As he puts it, "I have a green field now. I need to figure out what to do with it – do I build a city, a small village, or something else?" His shift from technical roles to a leadership position exemplifies the scope for growth within Bosch's ecosystem. His story highlights the value of diverse experiences, adaptability, and the opportunities Bosch offers for transformative career paths.

The transition from a more stable Bosch environment to the dynamic world of corporate start-ups posed challenges, especially the personal risk of stepping into the unknown. Yet, this perceived risk offers the opportunity to grow with your tasks. With Bosch still operating in the back, you can be sure to get the support you might need.

It's an extremely incredible opportunity, creating business that has the potential of taking flight. When you immerse yourself in building such a venture from scratch, you develop a passion to see it thrive.

Benjamin Ohse

Benjamin started as a Purchase Controller at Bosch parallel to his Master studies. September 2023 now marks his 11-year-anniversary at Bosch. With his journey from Purchasing to his current role as Co-Leader of copperdot, Benjamin demonstrates his ability to navigate diverse roles and challenges.

He notes, "I’ve been around, always in the Electronic sphere. Anything that's purchasing-relevant or purchasing-related." From technical purchasing to sales and marketing oversight, his career progression underscores his readiness to take on multifaceted responsibilities.

Through his experience, he exemplifies how Bosch's commitment to fostering entrepreneurial spirit can lead to transformative opportunities that not only drive professional growth but also stimulate personal passion and purpose.

More than just a Job

"I wanted to continue studying, but I was no longer interested in the theoretic university environment. I wanted to take action." This drive led him to seize a fortuitous opportunity through the Steinbeis University partnership, ultimately opening the door to a role at Bosch that resonated deeply with his aspirations.

Moreover, his connection with Bosch extends beyond the professional realm, as he acknowledges the brand's impact on his personal life. Through his insightful journey, Benjamin exemplifies how the convergence of personal values, cultural alignment, and abundant opportunities can forge a profound connection with a company, making it not just a workplace but a true home for growth and impact.


Benjamin Ohse

Co-founder and Chief Sales & Finance at copperdot

Benjamin has been working at Bosch since 2012 in parallel to his Master Studies. His journey started in the field of Purchasing. For most of his time at Bosch he has been in the Automotive business area dealing with electronics and his last destination within the company has been Senior Expert Purchasing as office lead to the Senior Vice President Purchasing Electronics.

grow platform as a bridge between traditional Bosch business and cutting-edge ventures

Benjamin Ohse's role within grow platform at Bosch is characterized by his unique perspective on innovation, leadership, and team dynamics. As he reflects on the evolution of grow platform and its significance, he emphasizes the distinct nature of this endeavor compared to Bosch core business.

One of the pivotal advantages Benjamin identifies in the context of grow platform is the freedom it offers. He notes, "grow platform allows for a level of experimentation and agility that is essential for driving innovation."

Furthermore, Benjamin highlights the role of Bosch's extensive network and resources in propelling the success of grow platform. He identifies the platform's unique positioning within the corporate structure, serving as "a bridge between traditional Bosch operations and cutting-edge ventures." This bridge not only empowers start-ups within grow platform but also fuels their competitive advantage in the market, capitalizing on Bosch's reputation and connections.


Change is always a chance.

Benjamin Ohse's outlook on change and adaptability reveals his deep-rooted enthusiasm for transformation within the corporate landscape. He acknowledges the complexity of embracing change, emphasizing that it may not be suitable for everyone. His perspective aligns with the notion that the foundational mindset plays a pivotal role. "I'll gladly take the experience with me and I'm curious about what's to come, because surely it's not the end. We plan to stay at grow platform and make this business big. – Benjamin Ohse



copperdot is built on Bosch's legacy spanning of over half a century in PCB design and quality control. Emerging as a pioneering force in the industry, the innovative Bosch solution is the new ally for full-service PCB procurement. It aims to revolutionizes the PCB purchasing landscape, crafting an experience that’s smart, uncomplicated, and seamless – supported by an AI-powered end to end procurement platform.