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Project funding

Learn more about the incubation journey, criteria, and process on how to obtain funding by grow platform.


As the Bosch incubator, we fund and scale internal digital business model projects that go beyond the core and adjacent business areas of our company. We are continuously seeking new high-potential business cases to fill the transformational innovation pipeline for Bosch. With data-driven and human-centred funding principles and criteria as well as cross-functional global project application experts, we leverage the platform’s extensive experience in identifying, validating, and funding promising innovation.

Application Criteria

In principle, we have defined four fundamental criteria to which transformational innovation projects must adhere when applying. grow platform takes up projects which go beyond the core of Bosch business division, show advanced maturity, business & scaling potential, and outperform competition with collaborative top talents and teams.

Identifying & analyzing transformational innovations

Project applicants can expect to collaborate and work hands-on with grow platform’s global and interdisciplinary “Attract & Validate” department. The platform team is fully dedicated to guide them through the application process on eye level to ensure market driven and transparent maturity and potential of the project to be financed.

The team collaborates with grow platform hubs around the world to understand the demand in each region and business areas. Networking and expanding internal visibility in further Bosch internal innovation programs plays a crucial role. The team is using Bosch’s expert network and leverages the support of partners, such as Bosch Corporate Research, and further venture units and internal innovation partners. By reaching out to experts around the world, the team gains market and customer insight, which opens the door to potential start-ups and targeted topics.

Validating projects covers a range of topics, but two are critically important: scalability and team dynamics. If scalability is difficult to achieve, the return on investment may not be worthwhile for Bosch. If team dynamics are not solid and positive, then the project may not launch successfully. Scalability involves a firm understanding of the problem at hand and the innovative solution being developed. Many candidates have not fully researched their target market and are only trying to solve a problem within their region, not considering global opportunities. If scalability is unclear for the candidates, grow platform provides enough time for them to drill down and fully explore their potential reach.

From the first contact with a candidate all the way to guiding them over several months, the Global Attract & Validate Team collects all the insights and data necessary. When it comes to selection, the team gives its thorough recommendations to the portfolio owner, the grow platform Managing Directors. Based on all the analysis provided by the department, it is then up to managing sponsors to make the decision to allocate funding. If it is a “Yes”, then a start-up receives financial resources, autonomy, and support of grow platform. If it is a “No,” then the start-up will receive clear indication on why they are not a fit. For many, rejection is not the end of the road. It all comes down to potential – and when the Global Attract & Validate Team sees exciting potential, they keep the door open for start-ups to reapply.


“A customized process with applications open all year round – We are your door openers to enable new transformational innovations for Bosch. The projects can start anywhere at any time with us. We take up the pace provided by you.”

– Tong Bu, Innovation Manager, Attract & Validate

Regional focal points: Get in touch

Global reach and ambition: An international mindset is at the core of grow platform, as projects must have the ability to scale to markets and customers around the world. In fact, the stage is set from the beginning.

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Daniel Lange, Head of Global Attract & Validate
  • based in Farmington Hills, MI, United States

Europe & Middle East

Guilherme Rocamora, Start-up Admissions Manager
  • based in Ludwigsburg, Germany

China, ASEAN region, Japan

Tong Bu, Innovation Manager
  • based in Tokyo, Japan

India, Africa

Simon Iraya, Innovation Manager
  • based in Nairobi, Kenya

How we take funding decisions

We strive to act as closely and correctly as possible, knowing that we can never be infallible.


The rules of the game are clear at every time. We follow transparent, non-surprising approaches. We seek a positive journey in and out of grow platform.


Portfolio teams are operating with restricted budget of grow platform. We are following agile principles and allow flexibility and pragmatism. We ensure to be ready to ramp down.


Criteria are covering required success factors such as an attractive business plan, strong market success, progress and fast iteration, as well as a strong team.


Decisions made are evidence based, rely on data, regular dialogues, and feedback.


We aim to be as exact as possible by a set of well-balanced criteria from grow platform start-up expertise and experience.

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