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Learn more about the incubation journey, criteria, and process on how to obtain funding by grow platform.


The home of Bosch intrapreneurs offers a fully-digitalized application process based on fundamental funding principles and data-driven criteria leveraging the platform’s extensive experience in selecting and validating promising Bosch ventures. At grow platform, our premise is to make business model incubation more predictable. We offer our portfolio teams orientation and predictability in structured cycles and processes, and measure performance in defined intervals.

The application: Get started

What are we looking for? In principle, we have defined four different criteria to which teams must adhere when applying. grow platform takes up projects which match Bosch strategic innovation search fields, show advanced maturity and unicorn potential, and are driven by high-performing teams.

We fund your Bosch Business Innovation

The evaluation: How do we make funding decisions?

Driven by data, defined by values.

At grow platform, we use our in-house developed matrix evaluation to assess and validate individual strategies, execution, and the results of application teams as well as their team performance.

Thus, we apply operational metrics predicting success based on an Execution Probability Score and a Revenue Compound Annual Growth Rate (Revenue CAGR) taking consideration of key questions regarding the current status quo, progress achieved, likelihood of growth, and future predictions. Teams that score high in both fields have a strong likelihood of receiving funding from the platform.

In addition, we are guided by pre-defined principles and values in order to make long-term, transparent, and comprehensible, but also successful decisions:

  • Evidence-based decisions
  • Allow flexibility to accelerate projects during the year
  • Staying true to defined criteria and strategies
  • FAVOR Principles
  • Agile Principles

We aim to make start-up success for Bosch more predictable. We combine psychological safety and team performance criteria with evidence-based, data-driven funding decisions.


Our teams are at the center of everything we do. We strive for the success of our start-ups and interact with them proactively to help them operationalize their business.

Once a team has made it into the grow platform portfolio and achieved funding, their performance is validated consistently. During regular validation meetings, the Matrix Scores are updated and quarterly meetings with the management team ensure wise decision making and ad-hoc support wherever needed within the teams.

However, the portfolio at grow platform is adjusted and reviewed every half a year and teams and their projects - if not proven to be successful - might enter the exit phase eventually.

During their journey, teams can benefit from various support services offered by grow platform that contribute to the teams' successes:

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