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Bosch’s solution and autonomous unit for inside-out innovation. Explore our unique service portfolio.


grow platform craftmanship maximizes the success opportunities for Explore Business and provides the precise type of service portfolio to solve the innovator’s dilemma of Bosch business units. We offer the necessary operating freedom and autonomy to stand out in the dynamic environment of the start-up world by accessing markets and expertise worldwide through our global innovation hub network.

Service portfolio

Learn more about our individual expertise, resource access at Bosch, and unique capabilities enabling us to offer every internal start-up exactly what they are looking for.

Business modeling, strategy development, global expansion framework, competitor analysis

Marketing foundations, brand building, content, PR, digital marketing, data analysis

Lean product development, technical support, engineering consultation, prototyping and testing assistance

Governance, system setup, officer functions, steering, planning, reporting, preparation of funding decisions

Talent attraction, staffing, contracting, talent development, rewarding & compensation, support in exit management

IP consulting, data security, privacy regulations, GDPR consulting

Compliance, technical qualification, product safety, mindset coaching, quality tools, risk-oriented MVP release

Sales strategy development, process optimization, customer relationship management, trainings, performance analytics

Trust & mindset building, personality analysis, executive coaching, conflict management

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