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About grow platform

Driving disruptive business innovation for Bosch. All over the world. With one common mission.


grow platform is the Bosch internal incubation platform for start-ups and intrapreneurs which have their origin within the company. As a trusted international network with organizational freedom, grow platform aims to foster explorative and disruptive business models that are directly aligned with Bosch’s global corporate strategy.

grow platform at a glance

Bosch Grow

We are the trusted and favored partner for Bosch to jointly secure growth through exploratory and disruptive business innovation. Bright, ambitious, and dedicated Bosch intrapreneurs strive to evolve by taking on new challenges at grow platform and realize the next big business success for Bosch.

our vision for Bosch

Bridging the gap between business potential and business success

Being perfect today sets companies up for disruption tomorrow. This is known as the innovator’s dilemma.

We incubate and aim to scale new, explorative businesses of our Bosch business units and subsidiaries. In this way, we reduce the risk of them being disrupted and allow them to focus on their core business.

We achieve this by working as a separate entity with organizational freedom, data-driven decisions, global reach, customized support and flexible digital application processes in order to maximize the return on invest of our portfolio.

In particular, we incubate business models that solve profound customer-problems, are steeply scalable, and inherently highly profitable.

Bosch Grow

Aligned with the corporate strategy and capitalizing on Bosch’s “unfair” advantages (brand trust, global presence, partners and networks, technologies), we focus on global markets with the potential to expand current Bosch business significantly. Therefore, we partner with Bosch business divisions and units to jointly develop new business outside their core by applying our innovation framework and lean start-up expertise.

Innovation Hubs

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