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The courage to do something new

The courage to do someting new

Joining a start-up requires courage, passion, and a willingness to try something completely new. This is exactly the kind of challenge that attracted Lisa Reissig to triffix, a corporate start-up of grow platform, where she learned a great deal—not only in professional terms, but also about her own self, opening up a new path for her at Bosch.

Today, Lisa is a Team Lead of Marketing for Bosch Professional Accessories, the internationally top-earning business unit of Bosch Power Tools. She and her seven-person team look after "all the touchpoints along the user journey", as a true marketing professional would say. This means handling the full spectrum of marketing communications with users and customers, ranging from a dedicated Instagram channel to advertising campaigns to international trade show presentations. "The fact that I get to work both strategically and practically, as well as analytically and creatively, is what makes my job so appealing", says Lisa.

Lisa Team Leader

Making decisions yourself

Lisa started out by doing corporate communications at Robert Bosch Automotive Steering. Having completed her master’s degree in Empirical Communication Studies, this seemed like the logical next step. Lisa soon saw that Bosch was exactly where she wanted to be: "There’s simply this marvellous teamwork here, without any self-importance and just this very down-to-earth attitude, one that’s also quite professional." But even then, she realized that her true calling would not be in corporate communications. "I’d rather be involved in decision-making myself, and not just communicating the results internally or externally." New challenges have always appealed to Lisa.

Lisa Reissig

Automotives, start-up, consumer communications

Lisa Reissig has been part of the Bosch family since March 2013. After completing her master’s degree in Empirical Communication Studies, she then decided to join Bosch, where she’s worked in several different areas: after starting in automotives, she was a key account manager for fourteen months at triffix, a start-up of the grow platform at Bosch. Since then, she’s taken up a completely new challenge at Bosch Power Tools, where she and her team are responsible for the marketing of accessories in the DACH region.

Discovering new horizons

When she heard that the corporate start-up triffix was seeking a sales professional, she immediately knew it was where she wanted to be. She soon convinced them, and got the chance to try something completely new. "It was super inspiring, being part of this small young team that was so full of passion and dedication", as Lisa recalls about her intense experience of triffix. With a grow platform portfolio team, everyone—including the sales manager—does a bit of everything at some point. So, in addition to seeking out new customers, Lisa also participated in the business development process: "I learned a lot there, for example in terms of agile working and design thinking."

Lisa Reissig and Team

A leap into the unknown

One of the lessons learned was that not every great idea can find market success. After its business model proved economically non-viable, triffix was dissolved in 2019. For Lisa, the start-up experience resulted in great personal growth. "It was very intense, and there was this rollercoaster of emotions: you want success and keep fighting for it, but it’s a constant struggle. This is also where I experienced the hands-on mentality that best suits my character." But she’d still recommend this experience to others: it just takes commitment, passion, and some measure of courage. "It might sound strange, because the grow platform actually does provide you with a safe framework, but it’s also a leap into the unknown, and in return, you get the chance to achieve a lot while also growing in the process." Those experiences have helped Lisa with her current job, where she’s set up new, forward-thinking structures with her team to further advance the business unit. But if we know anything about Lisa: she’s already looking forward to the next challenge!

To me, the opportunities that Bosch gives us to keep developing ourselves within the company are simply fantastic.

Lisa Reissig, Head of User Journey in Marketing for Bosch Accessories (DACH region) at Bosch Power Tools


Avoiding traffic jams around the world: this was the vision behind the launch of triffix as a corporate start-up in November 2017. Its founders, Florian Hachenberger and Benjamin Fischer, developed a system for cities, regions, and public organizations to optimize traffic communications. After the project’s exit, some of its team members moved on to an internal project at Bosch Powertrain Solutions, where they’re keeping the idea of triffix alive.