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Making an idea take flight

Bosch Grow

Philipp Spies is the mastermind behind copperdot, a grow platform portfolio team that offers innovative solutions for the cost-optimized procurement of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Launched in early 2022, copperdot has already achieved a great deal. In his experience of grow platform, Philipp is constantly amazed by the speed at which new ideas can be turned into reality.

When Philipp joined forces with Benjamin Ohse to launch the innovative business of copperdot in January, one thing was clear to him: embarking on the portfolio team adventure means striving to “make your idea take flight.” He and his team have already taken the first major step: copperdot has successfully implemented its vision of an end-to-end platform offering AI-based PCB purchasing—something that clearly sets it apart from the competition. So it’s no surprise that the ambitious first-year sales target of copperdot was achieved after just ten months.

A workday full of hands-on tasks

“I’m amazed at how quickly you can act at grow platform. You’re your own boss, and everything’s in your own hands—in the end, you just don’t need as many signatures to make a decision,” says Philipp. Compared to his earlier positions where he fulfilled traditional leadership roles, for example as the head of a sixty-strong international team, Philipp’s workday is now much more hands-on in many respects. “This also gives me practical advantages: for example, when I use a piece of software myself, I can better judge its functionality and whether it suits our needs.”

Bosch grow workday
Bosch grow

From intern to intrapreneur

Philipp Spies studied mechanical engineering at the University of Kaiserslautern before doing his doctorate at the University of Karlsruhe. Even before finishing his studies, he’d already done an internship at Bosch—and has remained loyal to the company ever since. After various positions, including project manager in Corporate Research and departmental head at the Bosch joint venture UAES in Shanghai, he became CEO of the grow platform portfolio team copperdot in January 2022.

Teamwork as a key success factor

However, Philipp wouldn’t want to forgo the support provided by grow platform experts—such as in the area of marketing, when he’s working to build up his brand. “We’ve even integrated grow platform personnel into our organizational charts: for us, they’re an integral part of the team and an important success factor in achieving our goals,” he adds. Philipp has also been a fan of Bosch’s corporate culture from the very start, with its focus on partnership and loyalty toward one another: “No one ever stands alone, whether something shines or occasionally doesn’t—success can only be found as a team.”

grow platform offers a chance to try new things

The workday at copperdot revolves around team-building: successes are celebrated as a group, and setbacks give everyone an occasion for learning. “It’s not my ambition to always be the one with the best idea. The more inspirations you get from your team, the better the results,” says Philipp. Of course, he’s also aware his business idea might ultimately fail. But he’d still jump at the chance to work again with grow platform. “Especially for younger people just starting out, grow platform offers a great opportunity to try out new things and keep developing.” So even if his startup doesn’t work out in the end, Philipp is confident that other possibilities will open up for him. But that’s not what he’s focused on right now: instead, he’s putting everything into making his idea take flight—with a great deal of courage, commitment and passion.

It’s not my ambition to always be the one with the best idea. The more inspirations you get from your team, the better the results.

Philipp Spies, CEO of copperdot
Bosch grow copperdot


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the foundation of electronics. copperdot helps its clients in the procurement of industrial-grade PCBs, with an innovative AI-based solution providing an end-to-end platform that significantly optimizes the production, delivery and cost-effectiveness of PCBs. Founded in early 2022, copperdot focuses on the B2B market, beginning in Europe before going global.

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