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Designing something new together

Alexander Voigt

As an industrial design engineer, Alex has to balance creative design ideas with practical technical possibilities: “I’ve always been amazed by the many wonderful ideas people come up with that can’t be technically realized.” As a student, he did a bachelor-level internship at Bosch Powertools, which included the fabricating of 3D prototypes—as well as the everyday experience of the open-minded and team-oriented corporate culture at Bosch. So when he got the chance to join the BIAM portfolio team in December 2018, he didn’t need long to think it over.

Contributing your own strengths to the team

Alex is still excited by the many different assignments and possibilities that are offered here. At BIAM, he’s not only responsible for design, but also takes care of things like technical marketing. “People often say if you studied industrial design, then industrial design is the only thing you can do. But everyone has their own particular strengths and abilities—our team lets you bring those into the mix, so you can keep conquering new challenges.” For Alex, the team feels almost like a tight-knit family, with everyone supporting one another and joining in wholeheartedly.

Alex and the team

Experts combining design with mechanical engineering

At the University of Venlo in the Netherlands, Alexander Voigt studied Industrial Design Engineering—a program combining design with mechanical engineering. After an internship and a work-study period at Bosch Powertools, he joined Bosch Manufacturing Solutions in 2018 as an industrial design engineer. Since late 2018, he has been part of the Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing portfolio team.

Participating in innovative projects

One of the projects of which he’s particularly proud was the design and fabrication of the Julius Baer Pole Position Trophy for Formula E racing: here, Alex worked with great attention to detail in replicating the topography of the racetrack and landscape in a true-to-scale 3D map. Alex is also a dedicated member of the team developing a 3D printer that uses a newly invented and patented process to let it work directly with injection-molding granulate. “What really surprised me is how quickly I developed a technical understanding for complex technologies—this is something I wouldn’t have thought during my student days,” he says about his own personal development at BIAM.

Learning something new every day

For Alexander, another great advantage is that clients are also involved in the product development process. “This lets us act from within the market itself, enabling us to develop products and applications that offer real benefits to the customers.” With close cooperation and open lines of communication, decisions are made in short order and innovative ideas are implemented more quickly. The experts from grow platform are also there to provide valuable support in many areas, such as in the naming of a new product. A traditional 9-to-5 job was never Alexander’s goal: he wanted the chance to help design something, while always learning at the same time. “For this, grow platform is ideal. Even when you’re faced with new challenges every day, I couldn’t imagine anything better.”

Everyone has their own particular strengths and abilities—our team lets you bring those into the mix, so you can keep conquering new challenges.

Alexander Voigt, Industrial Design Engineer at BIAM
Alexander Voigt on work

Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing (BIAM) offers its clients original solutions for industrial manufacturing, built on an innovative business model (featuring in-house development of software technologies) that combines 3D printing’s advantages with already established manufacturing processes. For the team at BIAM: Manufacturing is Far from Finished.

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