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Exit story of Urbanmates

The future isn’t about mobile, it’s about mobility

 Logo of the former start-up urbanmates

Freedom in urban mobility

Sadly but true we had to leave the Bosch family earlier than we expected. The advisory board of the Bosch Start-up Platform no longer supported our business approach of initially stepping into this new market as an OEM micro mobility brand.

In our new network and especially with our new investor BrakeForceOne GmbH (a highly innovative small bicycle company from Tuebingen, Germany), we can make use of large competencies and resources to develop and produce our electric kickscooter even better, faster and in higher quality.

Background: the story behind urbanmates

The future isn’t about mobile, it’s about mobility

The idea behind urbanmates is to develop products and services that apply to your personal needs in last mile mobility. Combining mobility know-how with high performance technologies we are dedicated to find the best solution for your last mile problem.

Working up a stylish and fast idea

Founded in March 2016 by Alexander Buddrick and Marc Zimmermann urbanmates started to interview hundreds of customers trying to find out more about their individual mobility and needs. The outcome has been that lots of people really do need something to master their last mile. A product which gives you the most flexibility but also style and speed. A product which you can easily take with you everywhere.

We’re so proud of nameing and presenting you our kickscooter’s new name: Flynn. Flynn is our “new kid in town”, your perfect urban mate to make your complex city life a kick easier. To see what Flynn is all about, have a look at our brand new webpage!