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Exit story of MyScotty

In June 2017 myScotty started with the goal to make mobility as easy as possible and connect all kinds of shared mobility services – no matter if it is a car, bike, or scooter.

myScotty grow Exit Story

mobility made easy

Together with our users we cruised through Hamburg, accompanied them to university in Mannheim and picked up their dates in Dusseldorf. We’ve learned a lot about how people want to move around the city and what’s important.

Unfortunately, the user base of the platform has not developed as dynamically as hoped, and at the same time, the competitive situation has changed dramatically in recent months. Therefore, together with the management of the start-up platform Grow, we decided not to continue myScotty. On August 27, the service of myScotty was shut down. myScotty is offline now and says thank you for the exciting time.


History of myScotty

The idea for myScotty was developed by Sebastian Tietz and Till Hoerseljau and was initially supported by Bosch Software Innovations GmbH. Very soon it became clear that the grow platform was the ideal environment to incubate myScotty. Thus, myScotty officially moved to Grow in June 2016. The team was quickly build up to develop a minimum viable product until December 2016. In June 2017 the app was released on the German market.