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Exit story of triffix

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In November 2017, during a discovery phase with the goal of eliminating traffic jams worldwide, Florian Hachenberger and Benjamin Fischer founded triffix. During this discovery phase, the idea of triffix was born: providing a system for cities, municipalities, and public institutions, which would provide personalized traffic information for drivers through an app. The communication between a city and its citizens could be improved by using “virtual traffic signs.”

The team conducted more than 200 interviews with driving instructors and navigation providers, which uncovered that the business model is not scalable. With the manual input of our partners, the operators of the traffic control centers and the fact that a connection of automated messages is very difficult, triffix could not provide their users with significant value. Reason for that was that they could not send out enough messages like their big competitors. Moreover, the users expected an all-in-one solution with a navigation function and personalized traffic information, which they could not offer to them.

Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.


After finding out that this business model unfortunately has no future, the team wanted to start another approach with a focus on where the data originated: taking data from city employees who generate all kinds of traffic-relevant information (e.g. construction sites). Triffix developed an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) together with cities, to improve their construction management process. The business model worked and a letter of intent was signed, but it did not meet the requirements of the team and Bosch itself.

However, the team is really proud of what they achieved within these past two years and wants to thank grow for the great support during this exciting time. But this is not the end of triffix. The team will work on an internal project for Powertrain Solutions and grow will remain as triffix’s home.

Former Bosch start-up triffix says "thank you" with a group picture.