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Junior Managers at grow

Interview with Clara Rösen

Clara Rösen

What is the Junior Managers Program?

The Junior Managers Program (JMP) is a trainee program that prepares highly qualified junior managers for future management tasks in a practical manner.

The basis for this is formed by an individual program design, a wide range of further training opportunities and established mentoring by experienced managers from top management. Over a period from 18 to 24 months, four to six training placements have to be completed in the chosen functional area - one of them abroad. The choice of training placements can be tailored to the participants interests and skills. Management know-how is to be acquired and applied during active work in day-to-day business and in projects.

We have many different worlds within Bosch that can learn a lot from each other.

Clara Rösen, participant of the JMP

Get to know Clara

Clara joined Bosch two years ago in the Junior Managers Program (JMP) within the functional area of controlling. During her 24-months program, she had the chance to complete six rotations in various Bosch departments and work on controlling, logistics and purchasing topics.

Why did you choose grow as a station/placement?

I chose to come to grow, because I wanted to experience the start-up world within Bosch. As I worked for a social start-up during my studies, I was keen to see how a big corporation manages to innovate consistently.

In which area of grow did you work and what were your tasks?

I supported the grow controlling team in various projects. My main task was to develop a file where the performance of all start-ups in the incubation phase could be reported, consolidated and analyzed for further funding decisions. Besides that, I supported to organize the grow global conference and was luckily to join the respective calls with the various grow hubs all over the world.

What expectations did you have of your station/placement at grow? And have they been fulfilled?

My expectation was to get a good insight into how grow works and develops its teams. As I only had a very short time for my grow rotation, I was not sure at the beginning how well I could be integrated in the team and the topics. Luckily, all colleagues were very open and supporting so that I only needed little adaption time to be part of the team. After my eight weeks at grow I had a very good overview about all the start-ups and the grow controlling department!

What is your conclusion from your time at grow?

I really enjoy working in a grow environment – agile, open, forward-looking.

What is one thing that impressed you the most during your time at grow?

I was very impressed how open grow colleagues communicated with each other and how the one or another admitted not to know the answer to a question. In my opinion, this openness is a great strength, which should be promoted more in the whole organization.

What was a learning from your time at grow?

One of my main learnings was that we have many different worlds within Bosch that can learn a lot from each other!

How did you continue after that?

After my time at grow I started my final rotation in the central controlling department at our Bosch headquarters where I had the chance to work in projects for the Bosch board of management. And recently, I moved to my first position after the JMP as a Controlling Project Manager in one of our production plants.

Thank you Clara!

Clara Rösen

Clara Rösen

participant of the JMP

  • Studied International Business Administration in Tübingen and Management in Mannheim
  • Spent semesters abroad in France, Canada and Mexico
  • Joined Bosch two years ago in the Junior Managers Program (JMP) within the functional area of controlling
  • Worked six months of this time in China