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Enabling digitized factories of the future with award winner Digital Twin ‒ IAPM

Digital Twin – IAPM showcases how large industrial machines can be enabled to speak and is honoured with the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award

Bosch Grow

Under the motto "Creating the industry of tomorrow", leading industrial and technology companies once again came together at Hannover Messe 2022 from May 30 to June 02, 2022, to demonstrate their state-of-the-art innovations, developments, and product portfolio. The Digital Twin – IAPM team, funded by grow platform, also followed this objective, thus leading the international team to be represented as co-exhibitor with partners Microsoft and Bosch Rexroth as well.

For Digital Twin – IAPM partner and Business Developer Prahallad CR and Bhuvan K Shetty, responsible for Sales & Global Strategic Partnerships the trade show was to be a very special event, as their team had not only been able to position itself between established, industry-shaping product solutions from Microsoft and Bosch Rexroth, but had also won the Microsoft Manufacturing Award 2021. During the event, there was accordingly even more interest in the disruptive innovation of the new award winner, resulting in many more exciting customer appointments, interviews and even video production.

Hannover Messe, Prahallad speaking

It is such an amazing feeling to participate at Hannover Messe together with Microsoft and Bosch Rexroth and to recognize the interest for our solution. It builds a great team spirit for us as well. Nevertheless, our customers and their needs are playing the key role for us.

Bhuvan K Shetty, Sales & Global Strategic Partnerships
Hannover Messe
Hannover Messe
Hannover Messe

A new generation of manufacturing: Bring data to value

Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing, presented by Roland Berger and Microsoft (MIMA), recognizes creative and innovative digital solutions that are blazing the trail for a new generation of manufacturing with transformation potential Participating companies were requested to submit innovative projects in the area of production, purchasing, supply chain management, engineering, and operations

This year, DACH companies that are leading the way in the enhancement of the role of digital transformation, sustainability, adaptability, and more in the world of manufacturing submitted numerous outstanding entries to Roland Berger and Microsoft. MIMA recognizes both the tireless work and the pioneering solutions put forth by these companies. “This year, we were happy to receive so many applications that focussed on artificial intelligence and machine learning. After all, the future of the manufacturing industry lies in this area,” says Jochen Gleisberg, Senior Partner Operations at Roland Berger.

In accordance with the slogan “Bring Data to Value,” applicants faced off in five categories (Innovate!, Scale!, Add Value!, Envision!, and Sustainability!) in order to demonstrate their excellence in innovation. After the number of entries was narrowed down in an initial selection process, a shortlist of finalists used Microsoft Teams to present their projects in the context of a virtual pitch day. The MIMA advisory board, which acted as the award jury, selected one winner per category as well as an overall winner.

Roland Berger and Microsoft honour Digital Twin – IAPM with the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award

After first insightful days of the trade fair, the award ceremony for the Microsoft Manufacturing Award was held on the Main Stage in the afternoon of June 1. Moderated by Till Hertwig, Industry Executive Manufacturing of Microsoft, and Norbert Dressler, Global Head of Automotive & Industrials of Roland Berger, the winners of the various categories of the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Awards 2021 were announced. Representing Bosch, Thomas Kropf, President Bosch Corporate Research, and Karsten Roenner, CEO grow platform, had the honor of accepting the award for Digital Twin – IAPM.

Showing all MIMA Award Executives

Tailored insights drive desired business outcome – Integrated Asset Performance Management

Our portfolio team Digital Twin – IAPM, which makes it possible for machines to communicate with plant workers, won in the Add Value! category*. The featured innovation is able to uncover hidden operational inefficiencies and disruptions so that workers can identify bottlenecks in the manufacturing process as well as eliminate constraints by implementing digital interventions. Using Microsoft Azure as its basis, the solution is able to simplify complex automation for customers. It does so by collecting machine-generated data and by helping workers operate their production environment in a manner that is more cost-efficient and/or optimal. The result is an ecosystem in which each individual in the company is given the ability to make business decisions based on reliable data.

“We are very honored and excited about the collaboration with Microsoft on bringing the Bosch Digital Twin solution to market. Together, we have been creating a smooth pathway for customers to digitize their physical assets in the Azure cloud. Being recognized by Microsoft for the value that Bosch Digital Twin brings to customers is a fantastic achievement.” says Karsten Roenner, CEO of grow platform.

Karsten Roenner, CEO of grow platform
Grow Platform

Machines raise their voice

Digital Twin – IAPM takes human-machine collaboration to the next level

Factories are like organisms. Processes interlock, assembly lines carry important parts from A to B, everything has its task. And even here there is something that could be called a heart: Turbines or electric motors, which are also called rotating machines in technical jargon. As long as they are running, the rest of a factory is also moving. If they fail, companies lose valuable time, money, and resources. How does Bosch and Microsoft can prevent such incidents? Learn more about Integrated Asset Performance Management (IAPM) based on Microsoft Azure in their latest article.

Imagine a machine that tells you what spare parts it will need in the next 30, 60 or 90 days — and interacts with you almost like a human would. That’s exactly what we make possible with our Digital Twin — IAPM.

Bharat Oruganti, Product Manager

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