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#1team1dream | Hub leaders

What is the biggest challenge of grow global and how could we overcome it?

Hemanth: The different legal entities represent a major challenge for me. It is about how to ensure that one does not only engage with the local unit, but also fights for a greater cause.

The second challenge is to protect the teams and projects from being pulled way by the GBs as soon as there is a slight success. It takes a lot of nurturing for these topics to become unicorns. So how do you protect them and learn the right time to let them go? A little bird has to fly at a certain point, but it cannot be at an early stage.

We should make sure that the projects are protected and hand them over to their happy home when the time is right.

What means grow global to you as a hub leader?

Hideki: Each division and country has an innovation initiative, for example FUJI in Japan. It stands for “Future with Japan Innovation” and started in 2014. With grow global, we can bring together all the activities from around the world and build a team with one methodology for Bosch. Before, it was unclear how to get budgets for the projects. Grow helps how to allocate the budget, which is a big improvement.

I’m happy to be a part of this one dream team presenting in India.

Hermanth, Hub leader grow India

Meet Hideki

Hub leader grow Japan

  • Joined Bosch in 2000
  • Started as a Product Controller in PS
  • Changed to the Business department in Bosch Japan three years ago

Meet Hemanth

Hub leader grow India

  • Joined Bosch 18 years ago
  • Started in Powertrain Diesel playing multiple roles including Global Product Manager, then setup an internal startup on personalization with AI and setup as Practice. Currently responsible for Open Innovation and Practice Personalization.
  • India is known for food and culture, but also for innovation and its start-up scene
Hemanth Sheelvant