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grow - a Bosch Company
unicorn in a car as a symbol for inspiration at grow

Need inspiration?

How do you get inspiration to develop new ideas?

grow, the Bosch internal start-up incubator highlights this topic from different perspectives.

Generally, inspiration is an unexpected idea or a starting point for artistic creativity. But what seems like a spark of divine inspiration can be learned and generated with the help of simple techniques.

The inspiration toolbox

Everyone knows the most important sources of inspiration and they have been successfully used by humans for millennia. They are: contemplation, identification and irritation. Based on these three sources, we have put together a small collection of tools and tips that can be used quickly and easily in your own brainstorming.

grow inspiration toolbox
grow tool egobell for inspiration


In everyday working life, negative rituals often develop, providing the opposite of inspiration and relief. Such negative rituals exist in meetings that are solely for self-justification and self-expression and not for the good of the team. The Ego-Bell can help.

grow inspiration tool th six thinking heads


The 6-hats method incorporates elements of role-playing group discussion and is particularly useful for capturing different opinions of team members in a fun way. It also serves to evaluate and optimise solutions that have already been developed..

grow inspiration tool Contact-Mirror


The inspiring effect of open questions and chance encounters not only works for yourself, but almost always for others. The moment you show an authentic interest in another person, an inspiring interaction is often triggered. This tool shows how to initiate this.

grow inspiration tool 6-3-5-Brainwriter-Tool


The 6-3-5-Brainwriter is based on the inspirational principle: "Ideas come from Ideas” and is particularly suitable when many different people come together and you want to collect as many unusual basic ideas as quickly as possible.

In this way and within a short amount of time, you can produce 108 ideas - with 6 participants times 3 ideas times 6 rows.

More inspiration?

Not inspired yet? Find more podcasts, blogposts, and input about inspiration here. Also, stay tuned for more content to come!