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grow - a Bosch Company
Get to know grow

Spotlight on: Get to know grow

We have developed the grow EXPERIENCE in a way which ensures that Bosch intrapreneurs will better understand the chances for success of their ideas and get to know the working methods of a start-up.

It consists of various formats that build on each other, ranging from half-day workshops to programs lasting several weeks. The intention behind this is to focus on the customer and his "customer pain" right from the start. Besides, we aim to break away from classic product development processes using a lean start-up methodology. Start-ups as well as internal and external experts meet here to work, learn and exchange ideas.

At present, however, only Bosch employees can apply.

Why working with us is so exciting

Of course it is exciting to develop innovative ideas with grow. Besides, the possibility to implement them quickly and easily is a huge opportunity. Here is a small list of advantages, which will show you why you should work with us:

Cross-functional working

Short incubation period

New work culture

Fast processes

Office and testing combined

Shared services


The grow SAFARI is a half-day entry-level format. Here, we give a short and entertaining introduction about how new business ideas can be developed in very lean corporate structures (lean startup tools). The focus is on customer discovery and ideation (problem-solution-fit)



In our grow EXPEDITION, participants are already working as a team on concrete new business ideas for Bosch. Accompanied by experts, they quickly go through all the development phases of a start-up. The EXPEDITION ends with a pitch in front of a jury of Bosch internal and external experts, who decide on the progress of the teams. If they pass, the next step is the grow DISCOVERY.



The grow DISCOVERY is for all teams that have successfully completed the grow EXPEDITION and received the GO for the intensive program from the jury. The teams continue working on their new business ideas over a period of almost 3 months. The DISCOVERY also ends with a pitch in front of a jury - our grow advisory board. This committee makes the final decision about the acceptance as a start-up at grow. Only with this decision the complete change of the teams to grow platform GmbH takes place and with it the possibility to work 100% on the business idea.



Curious about working with us? Then join us now. Whether in the grow platform team or in the individual start-ups. Find all open job offerings here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!