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grow podcast episode with Johannes Büchs

Storytelling with Johannes Büchs

How do I get complicated facts presented in a simple way?

In our first episode of the grow podcast, we address one crucial question: How do I get complicated facts presented in a simple and understandable way? And how can I inspire and convince my audience and others with my presentation? Answers to these questions gave us Johannes Büchs in episode 1 . Büchs is known from the German TV show "Sendung mit der Maus" and his own show "Kann es Johannes". He accompanies grow as a mentor for many years and has helped several teams transform their sometimes complicated ideas and concepts into convincing pitches. But how did he do that? And can we do it all?

The solution to all these questions is simple: we tell a story. How this works in practice, which challenges we face in the start-up environment and why the story alone is not enough after all, we asked all of this in our first podcast.

Johannes not only reveals the basic principle of storytelling and how we use it successfully. He has also told us why storytelling has been used as a method for over four thousand years and why Robert Bosch almost failed with his company back then.

Johannes Büchs talks about the importance of storytelling and how to present oneself during presentations and pitches. [DE only]

About Johannes Büchs

Johannes Büchs about storytelling for start-ups
  • Johannes is a mentor at grow aplatform for many years.
  • He is moderating the program "Kann es Johannes?" at German TV channel KiKA and is furthermore also active as a reporter for the "Sendung mit der Maus".
  • Johannes works also as freelance trainer for young journalists, moderators and executives.
  • Amongst others, Johannes was nominated for the Grimme Prize and was awarded the DGE- Journalist Prize. In 2014, he received the Environmental Media Prize and his format "Kann es Johannes?" was rewarded with the Golden Sparrow.