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Bosch is more typical than ever

Robert Bosch is more typical than ever

13.07.2017 I Vera Terpoten / grow

Together with our partners at Orange Council, we put a great deal of thought into how we wanted to shape our new grow Heimat. This raised many questions: What are our roots? What does Heimat mean to us? And how can we convey it?

grow illustrates the origins, DNA and roots of Bosch. 130 years ago, Robert Bosch already embodied the values that are consistent with our understanding of work values at grow. Values which promote and allow scope for cooperation, personal fulfilment, self-determination, responsibility and creativity. With these values, grow is treading the path into the future with young entrepreneurs.

A game with hipster clichés and values

But how can we visualize values and convey them so that they are not just written words, but tangible for everyone? We decided to come up with an atypical video clip creating an interplay between clichés and values, past and future.

The video was shot by Orange Council in Berlin’s trendy districts. Colourful, graffiti-strewn walls, nerd glasses and long beards exaggerate the clichés of life as a trendy city guy embarking on a start-up venture. Everybody knows this trendy guy who voices his thoughts about the values and thoughts he believe in, while strolling through the neighbourhood. Only at the end does the speaker’s identity become clear: Robert Bosch.

Thoughts of a successful company founder

The clip is made up of various original quotes by Robert Bosch: “And every success is basically just a kick towards the next goal”: This shows that the dynamism in a company should never be lost. Innovative power always continues. Robert Bosch also believes that treating staff appropriately is one of the keys to success: “I pay good wages. But I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.” But it’s not all about money; it’s more important to build relationships with customers. “I have always acted according to the principle that I would rather lose money than trust.”

Robert Bosch shaped the company according to this concept. And that’s exactly what we are experiencing now at grow with our start-ups, so that we can achieve great things just like in the past.

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