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More freedom for more inspiration

More freedom for more inspiration

02.07.2018 | Carolin Sauter / working at grow

The grow platform GmbH is the right place for Bosch intrapreneurs with radical ideas for future new business for Bosch. We as the grow platform team provide many services to support the startups daily business with method consultancy, administration and our network – but that is not all. Besides that, we ensure an environment full of inspiration for our startups, because we think inspiration is one key success factor in our startups development.

However, why is inspiration so important for the growth of radical ideas?

Thinking out of the box and being able to redesign plans in an iterative approach are necessary qualities a startup team should bring at grow. Nevertheless, to be honest – following processes and standards one already know is much easier. Due to that the working environment, meaning the physical as well as the cultural environment, should support creativity and inspiration.

How does grow support inspiration?

In its new HEIMAT grow implemented naturally several functional art objects such as a Norwegian hut or a vintage “spark” object which can be used as meeting rooms. The combination of these very different impressions encourage a different way of looking at challenges a startup faces. It might seem familiar to combine also technical and business model solutions, which have not combined so far to invent some new solutions.

More Freedom for more inspiration at grow

Besides that the culture environment with high degrees of freedom in the way of working and flexible working conditions contributes to inspiration as it is proved, that good ideas come up in very unexpected situations. In addition various events like a monthly grow inside lunch and grow events for grow, Bosch and external participants encourage grow intrapreneurs to network and share experiences and ideas with each other – which can also be a good source of inspiration.

More Freedom for more inspiration at grow

And what do grow intrapreneurs think of that?

Is inspiration an important success factor for your startup? How does the grow platform team support?

Antje Niemann:

“The grow platform team creates an unusual working environment which allows me to find unusual solutions and helps with administrative support to avoid startup effort in non-core-processes.”

Michael Findeis:

“Having coffee and sometimes pizza together with colleagues from other grow teams and sharing experiences and ideas with them – that’s inspiration for me. The grow platform team supports that kind of networking with its different event approaches. Besides that, I like the lean and easy processes provided by the grow platform team, which allow me to prototype very easy.”