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grow Start-ups

Since December 2013, we have been helping our start-ups develop and validate new business for Bosch.

More than 400 business ideas have emerged so far. Below, we introduce you to the start-ups currently working at the grow platform.


The start-up 3D-Printing and Industrial Additive Manufacturing (IAM) can produce a small series of industrial plastic parts in injection molding quality with their patented IAM technology. The benefits of 3D printing technology and injection molding are combined to enable production parts to be produced more quickly and cost-effectively than by conventional manufacturing processes. In addition to reducing costs, companies can introduce products to the market much more quickly because the long development times of the technologies used to date can be reduced many times over.

Industrial additive manufacturing using plastics


The CERIX start-up has set itself the goal of improving a wide range of products with the aid of technical ceramics. CERIX`s core competence and USP comprises the manufacture and refinement of these materials in various processes such as 3D printing, injection molding or pressing. The focus is on making components more functional through coatings with integrated electrical functions that lead to smart products. CERIX supports its customers along the entire value chain: from product design ready for production to the rapid manufacture of prototypes and mass production.

CERIX Ceramic Innovations


anysight is a IoT PropTech start-up for the smart monitoring and management of central heating systems. Its goal is to make the centralized supply of heat controllable and manageable through digital services and big data and thus create an immediate value-add for both the housing industry and their tenants.

The start-up offers a manufacturer-, technology- and age-independent retrofit solution, that is easy to install and enables fast roll-out in large property portfolios.



The product is a real IoT device combining sensors, connectivity and services to detect hazardous situations almost everywhere: at home, garage, garden shed, car, recreational vehicle and everywhere where at least one of the numerous connectivity options like Wifi or Narrowband-IoT is possible. It does not need any cables and the rechargeable battery is designed to last 2-3 months. With sensors for noise, pressure, infrared as well as GPS the device detects intruders and sends an alarm message to the users smart phone, optionally an acoustic alarm is given. In case, the user cannot or do not want to react, a 24/7 security center is involved and contacts emergency contacts or the next police station.

portable security


Consult & Connect advises its customers on the possibilities of internet of things technologies and creates tailor-made architectures for networked solutions.

The main objective is to understand the pain points and use cases of the respective customers in order to develop customer-specific project solutions.

As an IoT-Exploration-Team, the start-up designs and develops digital services according to industry 4.0, which provides customers from the manufacturing sector with concrete benefits from day one.

Consult and Connect

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