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grow - a Bosch Company
New work at grow

Living new work

At grow we offer start-ups ideal working conditions. We see new work as main enabler and pillar of our daily work. To us, new work is not just a fancy buzzword. We live it by all means. For us, the concept of new work consists of information, interaction and inspiration and we drive it at all levels.

New Work at grow

Information to share with everyone

Information is provided by people based on their expertise, entrepreneurial experience and skills.

However, this individual knowledge must be shared with others in order to strengthen the community and the innovative power of the team projects.

New Work at grow

Interaction between different areas, functions, and teams

Interaction across all borders means working together cross-functionally, supporting each other and learning from each other regardless of hierarchy, role or origin. At grow, we are connected to all Bosch internal areas and build new connections with customers and partners.

Inspiration to find new perspectives

Leaving one's familiar surroundings can often be very inspiring. It can create new ways of thinking and acting and increase creativity.

The video "How we live innovation at grow" shows what the concept of space looks like, how it wants to promote a change of perspective, as well as cooperation and new work.