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grow - a Bosch Company

Start-up platform for Bosch

grow is both the physical and inspirational space run by Bosch

grow is a working environment as a source of radical innovation. The people who work here should be reminded every day to think completely differently. But grow is also the critical partner for every aspect of successful business development.

Our start-ups are part of the company and have their origin in the Bosch Group. They are financed by Bosch and supported by the grow platform team from preparation through incubation to the scaling phase. In contrast to the Bosch subsidiary Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC), we do not invest in external technology start-ups, nor are we interested in basic research and advance development.

As a legally independent company, we can follow a path at grow that is ideal for us. The platform is the basis with its own legal framework. It provides start-ups with the infrastructure, the connection to the group, as well as our own and shared services.

Growing up with Bosch DNA

Although Robert Bosch founded his company “Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Elektrotechnik” back in 1886, his special entrepreneurial spirit and social skills are surprisingly topical and trend-setting up to the present day. He not only determined the mindset and work of an entire corporate group, but is also a role model for grow and its start-up teams.

Our short film “Thoughts of a successful company founder” shows, how up to date his thinking is.

Grow platform team

Meet the grow platform team

The grow platform team is the heart of grow. We support the teams in areas like controlling, financing, HR, company building, marketing and daily work processes. We see ourselves as the connection between the Bosch Group, external partners and start-ups.

Our external support

One of the key factors for knowledge transfer and learning is to establish and expand a network of experts. The grow network not only consists of experienced Bosch managers, mentors and alumni, but also includes external entrepreneurs, scientists and experts from different fields of knowledge. With their experience, they help to turn grow into a dynamic, innovative and open platform.

Colin Berr
Colin Berr, founder and CEO of Mentor Lane, is an innovation advisor, mentorship expert, and start-up entrepreneur. In his career, Colin worked for and consulted several start-ups in the U.S. and Germany. These experiences helped him gain a deep knowledge and understanding of the start-up business itself.
Johannes Büchs
Johannes Büchs is a host for children's television programs. He has his own show called "Kann es Johannes?" on KiKA - the number one children's channel in Germany and he works for "neuneinhalb" and "Die Sendung mit der Maus". He also took part in the train-the-trainer program at the ARD.ZDF Medienakademie. As somebody with a lot of screen time and a very special passion for storytelling, he supports the start-up teams at grow with presentation and media training. He builds key communication skills to help people spread their ideas and passion for their businesses. For more information visit www.johannesbuechs.de
Yannick Frank
Early on, Yannick Frank discovered his passion for entrepreneurship. At the age of 20 he decided to quit his studies and join dozeo.com, a software startup for web-based video conferencing. There he also met his co-founder Alexander Kholti, with whom he founded hatchery GmbH in 2015. To date, the company has already implemented over 100 digital innovations for well-known companies such as Daimler, Bosch and Coca-Cola. In addition, Yannick participated in other start-ups from Stuttgart.
Ute Hilmer
Dr. Ute Hilmer works with individuals, teams and organizations on growth strategy, creativity and innovation. Her call is to work collaboratively to design a future that employees, customers, and communities can all recognize as their own. Before setting up her own consultancy, Ute worked at Hewlett Packard in international marketing and business innovation management positions from 1988 to 2004 and was a member of the board at the Innovation Agency of the State of Baden-Württemberg.
Alexander Marten
Alexander Marten is a German-born and U.S.-educated serial founder (MBA in Germany and Juris Doctor in the US) and a business star. He founded and co-founded seven start-up companies in the U.S. and Germany for which he raised several million USD in venture capital along the way. These startups were active in different areas e.g. eCommerce, connected cars, big data, and regional markets. After several clean exits and one insolvency, he is now the Chief Innovation Evangelist at Deutsche Telekom. Besides, he is an early stage investor in tech companies, an international speaker and advisor to blue chips like E.ON, Daimler, etc. on early stage investments, corporate start-ups and company incubation.
Dirk Lehmann
In his daily work, Dirk Lehmann levels up speakers, transforms companies and challenges start-ups. He is an inspiring pitch coach, innovation advisor and keynote speaker. When he is not creating engaging pitches for speakers or improving the innovation ecosystem for global companies, he travels the world for inspiration from other cultures. As a world citizen at heart, he is known for his never-ending smile and friendship with his peers.
Stefan Pastuszka
Dr. Stefan Pastuszka is an expert for strategy development, innovation and the communication of complex subjects. Before starting his own consulting business, the physicist held various positions at the telecommunication solutions provider Alcatel-Lucent and the technology group Heraeus. Here, he worked especially in Strategic Marketing and as Head of Corporate Development. He combines broad business experience with technological competence and unconventional approaches like strategic visualization. Stefan helps organizations bring clarity and structure into complex subjects so as to enable better positioning, clear communication and the development of the right moves towards a successful future.
Dan Toma
Dan Toma is an innovation thought leader and the co-author of the award-winning book 'The Corporate Startup’. He started his career in entrepreneurship and became involved with technology startups across the world. In this capacity, he worked with several corporations as well as various government bodies in Asia and Europe. Dan holds a dual degree MBA from Bradford University (UK) and TiasNimbas Business School (The Netherlands), while being certified as a lean start-up acceleration specialist by Columbia University (USA).